Horizon: Zero Dawn’s ‘Frozen Wilds’ DLC hitting on November 7th

news by Chris Berg

In a year loaded with hits of all shapes and scales, Horizon: Zero Dawn has remained one of 2017’s buzziest titles. Guerrilla’s ambitious open world adventure is dense with content – keeping players satisfied months after release. But eventually, there are no new challenges to face. No beasts left that pose a threat, no piece of gear unclaimed. Fortunately for the millions of players that have explored Horizon‘s vast spaces, The Frozen Wilds is coming.

On November 7th, this hotly anticipated DLC will drop – adding a new northern tundra to the game’s map. In this new zone, Aloy will find creatures old and new – plus a few familiar faces. This is the territory of the Banuk tribe, inhospitable and ferocious. Set after the events of the main game, The Frozen Wilds will offer up new missions, more backstory for the world prior to the fall, and acres of open space for exploration.

This is the first peice of downloadable content for Horizon: Zero Dawn, following a substantial patch released last month. That free update added a full New Game+ option, allowing players to restart the story while retaining all of their gear and experience from the prior play through. Those holdover gear comes in handy when paired with the Ultra Hard difficulty option. Plus for photographers, new face paint and emote options make Aloy a perfect model for your personal action-filled photo shoots .

The Frozen Wildwill launch on November 7th for $19.99. Playstation Plus members who pre-order can get 25% off, as well as an exclusive avatar.

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