Most Amazing Video Game Inspired Tattoos

editorials by Emily Medlock

Whether your body is covered in works of art by various artists and you’ll have trouble finding a blank space or you’ve always been the one to sit back and admire tattoos that you’ll never get. You are sure find one of these delightful pieces below to your liking!

Marvel vs. Capcom Tattoo


Artist: Scradley

This Marvel vs. Capcom tattoo is everything. The full chest piece of art features Mega Man and his dog, Rush, facing off against Shuma-Gorath. But luckily, if you’re thinking about getting this ink, you can choose your favorite characters from the game, or even get creative and choose another game, like Smash.


Okami Tattoo


Artist: Jairocarmona

The intricacies in Jairocarmona Okami is as detailed and complex as the game. The main feature is your typical Okami dead center. To his right is Okami’s dark counterpart. The tattoo is a great representation of light and dark, and how everyone has both sides within. Upon closer inspection, you will see that this is a crossover piece, for both wolves are sporting triforces on their head. With Dark Okami’s inverted, letting us know he is the polar opposite and that his darkness runs deeper than we had first thought.


Intense Kratos Tattoo


Artist: Nathanhebert

There are so many Kratos tattoos out there, but there’s something Nathan Hebert’s interpretation that seems to pierce deeper into our souls. Even without color, this piece has more personality, depth, heart, and story than most.


Master Chief Tattoo


Artist: Dredpool

Dredpool created one of the most amazing Master Chief tattoos to date. There’s so much detail packed into him that he seems to bring more intensity than he does in the games. If it isn’t his armor or Chief-like stance, it’s the beautiful overcast sky that really brings the whole work of art together.


Samus Tattoo

Metroid tat

Artist: JustinNordine

The Metroid piece by Justin Nordine is hard to beat, as it somehow captures such depth in its simplicity. What makes this one so different is its colorful retro background, which makes you feel as if she is stepping right out of a TV screen. The best part is that it features both the classic, original Samus paired with the most updated version in the most perfect merging possible.


The Dark Side Tattoo


Artist: Reuster

So, Star Wars tattoos are never inspired by the games, but since there are games…let’s do it. This two-handed piece is one of the best pairs you could think of. For those who want to show off their dark side (and fandom) this illustration is hard to beat.


Goku vs. Beerus Tattoo


Artist: tattoos_by_ry

Since Xenoverse’ release we’ve seen quite the rise in Dragon Ball Z tattoos and merchandise. But this one may rise above them all. What’s better than Super Saiyan Goku vs. Beerus, the God of Destruction? I’ll wait… This close combat art does come with one warning though: your arm is no longer yours, but a work of art created to be admired.


Victorious Morgana Tattoo


Artist: maurycytattoo

One of the best League of Legends tattoos imaginable is this Victorious Morgana. So much beauty packed into one limb that you’d never guess she was a dark, fallen angel. Even if you’re not a fan of the game, or the champion, you probably wouldn’t mind wearing her on your arm.


Tomb Raider Tattoo


Artist: Sandradaukshtatattoo

This Lara Croft depiction is so raw, real, and bloody that you can seriously connect to the English archaeologist. We feel her pain and sense of adventure. Any fan would be pleased to have her intense gaze boring into their back.


Minecraft Tattoo


Artist: Jesse_rix

This art by Jesse Rix of one of the most popular video games in history is hard to believe. You will be rubbing your eyes and blinking again and again, questioning reality. But believe it or not, it is real. The artist must have an amazing grasp on depth, perspective, and contrast.


The Worgen Tattoo


Artist: ClayMcCay

The Worgen by Clay McCay is an immaculate WoW tattoo that will fit into anyone’s fantastical dream. Maybe you prefer a Night Elf, Tauren, or even a Pandaren. No matter what your racial preference, you cannot argue with the fact that this full back tattoo isn’t a masterpiece that deserves all your applause.


Piercing Master Sword Tattoo

Josh docksey

Artist: Josh Docksey

Every Zelda fan wants a Master Sword, and most would like to wield one on their arm. Don’t have a sheath? Lucky for you, Josh Docksey can build one into your skin! Props to this ingenious art that makes sense out of having a sword stuck to the side of your arm.


Ryu’s Punch Tattoo


Artist: Painfulreminders

Ah yes, no tattoo list is complete without Ryu’s Hadouken punch. This tattoo is timeless, hilarious and just plain awesome! Even if you’re not a Street Fighter fan, you can develop this into a Bruce Lee, Luffy, or whoever you favorite fighter happens to be. A fun twist is to turn it into a kick by inking your leg.


 Classic Compilation Tattoo


Artist: Aottlewski

Andrea Ottlewski knows what he is doing. This arm piece hits you right in the childhood. Hours of hard work, dedication, and love went into this tattoo. It is perfection. Just try not to cry as you look over this masterpiece of Nintendo heaven!


Another Compilation Tattoo

Artist: Laura Kennedy

Laura Kennedy is also boss with the needle. After viewing this tattoo, it appears there is nothing she can’t do. Look closely to see Easter eggs from Mario, Sonic, Zelda, and more!


 Tetris Tattoo


Artist: DustinJude

The Tetris piece from Dustin Jude is so simple and reminiscent of the original game that it just may the perfect Tetris tattoo. It doesn’t always take depth, detail, and extravagance to build an amazing work of art.


I’m sure you loved this set of tattoos, but I also know you have favorites that weren’t listed! So, let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @TheGameRaven with the most amazing video game inspired tattoo you’ve ever seen!

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